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摘要: 本篇文章给大家谈谈龟兔赛跑英语作文,以及龟兔赛跑英语作文初二对应的知识点,希望对各位有所帮助,不要忘了收藏本站喔。 本文目录一览...







































































The hare and the tortoise

The hare was once boasting of his speed before the other animals. "I have never been beaten," he said, "when I run at full speed, no one is faster than me."

The tortoise said quietly, "I will race with you." "That is a good joke," said the hare. "I could dance around you the whole way."

The race started. The hare darted almost out of sight at once. He soon stopped and lay down to have a nap.

The tortoise plodded on and on. When the hare awoke from his nap, he saw the tortoise was near the finish line, and that he had lost the race.







2、《龟兔赛跑》,是一则耐人寻味的寓言故事,故事中塑造了一只骄傲的兔子和一只坚持不懈的小乌龟。 有一天,兔子和乌龟比赛跑步,兔子嘲笑乌龟爬得慢,乌龟说,总有一天他会赢。兔子说,我们现在就开始比赛。兔子飞快地跑着,乌龟拼命地爬,不一会儿,兔子与乌龟已经离的有很大一段距离了。兔子认为比赛太轻松了,它要先睡一会,并且自以为是地说即使自己睡醒了乌龟也不一定能追上它。而乌龟呢,它一刻不停地爬行,当兔子醒来的时候乌龟已经到达终点了。

3、此故事告诉大家:不可轻易小视他人。虚心使人进步,骄傲使人落后. 要踏踏实实地做事情,不要半途而废,才会取得成功。



龟兔赛跑英语作文 篇1

A long time ago, between the turtle and the rabbit controversy, they claimed that they run faster than the other side fast. So they decided to play through to showdown. Determined route, they began to run. Rabbit a stride rushed to the front, and leading the way. See the turtle was far left behind the rabbit feel, they should take a break under a tree, and then continue the game. So, it sat under a tree down, and soon fell asleep. The turtle slowly over it, and completed the entire race, arguably the championship. The rabbit woke up, found himself lost.

龟兔赛跑英语作文 篇2

One day, a rabbit and a tortoise decided to have a race. After everything was ready, they stood on the starting line.

At first, the rabbit ran faster than the tortoise and left it far behind. The rabbit was very proud of itself. Then the rabbit thought,“The tortoise is too slow to catch up with me. So I have time to have a sleep. Maybe when I wake up, it can’t get here yet.”With these thoughts, it began to sleep under a big tree. At the same time, the tortoise tried its best to run. Even though it felt tired, it didn’t give up.

Finally, when the tortoise reached the finishing line, the tortoise was waiting for the rabbit with a smile. The rabbit was ashamed.

龟兔赛跑英语作文 篇3

One day,a turtle and a rabbit in the home,more than who did unwittingly said,so they are running.The beginning,the rabbit lead turtle,but soon after began to underestimate the enemy rabbits,a turtle that failed to catch up with it,they sleep on the road.The efforts of the tortoise took the opportunity to get ahead,the results of the tortoise won the last rabbit.

龟兔赛跑英语作文 篇4

Rabbit and tortoise the game run in the forest.

Starting a rabbit is far away leading,very proud,look down upon tortoise,the tortoise runs very hard,but the rabbit beats to have a doze and starts sleeping to greatly feel.

Afternoon,the rabbit waked up and ran toward terminal point,but already late,the tortoise has already won a champion.

龟兔赛跑英语作文 篇5

One day, a hare and a tortoise decided to have a race to see who was faster than the other. They agreed that the one who first got to the big tree in the distance was the winner. So they started at the same time.

The hare thought, "My legs ave much longer than the tortoise's, I'm sure to be the winner. Of course the tortoise was much slower than the hare, but he was never discouraged and kept on moving forward as fast as he could.

As the hare ran round a corner, he found the tortoise far behind him. So the hare decided to take a rest under a tree. When he woke up, the tortoise had already got to the tree and won the race. The hare was filled with regret. (134 words)




龟兔赛跑英语作文 篇6

The tortoise and the hare writing


Since the rabbit lost the match after, has been brooding, looking for an opportunity for revenge, so it every day from morning to evening, sleepless nights, and of course the time he has been in practice. Every day after coming back, the rabbit is always tired panting, streaming with sweat after seeing his wife and children, is very distressed.


And the turtle that after the game, I heard that the rabbit is the champion deliberately give him, he is like looking for a chance to say the words of the collapse of others, also let the rabbit know, I was the real champion. From the tortoise also strenuously. Soon, his speed is and the rabbit as fast, and after a period of time, rabbit and a compete, so the tortoise wrote a declaration of war.


The rabbit saw, was very happy, he did not ask it, it is to come to us, is really an act recklessly and blindly.


The competition started, and there was a huge crowd of people on the track. All the animals came to watch this game. When they arrived, they came to the side of the runway, listening to the coax. On the way, the rabbit and the tortoise do not divide up and down. After a while, the turtle will catch up. The rabbit will soon catch up, and the tortoise will catch up. But soon the trouble came. The tortoise came to the foot of the mountain. He climbed up and slipped down, and the rabbit met a river and couldn't swim, so he couldn't go. No way, the two men had to cooperate. The tortoise carried the rabbit across the river, and the rabbit passed the hill on the back. As a result, two people at the same time to the end, you are also very happy, some people praise that they are two brothers who are brothers and sisters.

龟兔赛跑英语作文 篇7

Since the last match was lost to the tortoise, the rabbit has been unconvinced. Whether it's in the winter or in the summer, it insists on running every day and wants to win over the tortoise in this year's tortoise and rabbit race.

The animals are looking forward to this day, and finally come to this day -- the annual tortoise and rabbit race. But this time they didn't race in the grassland, but in a tall building, who was the first to arrive at the terminal, that is, the roof. On this day, the crowds of people were crowded, and the spectators crowded the surrounding buildings. No matter men, women or children, they will not miss this opportunity to watch. With the audience's enthusiastic applause, the rabbit turtles came on the stage. You see, the rabbit was wearing a neat suit and is valuable to the starting point, come swaggeringly. What about the tortoise? But as usual, he wore a plain dress and went to the starting point with confidence.

Start the game! I saw the stern command: "ready, start!" When the voice dropped, the rabbit ran up an arrow, and the tortoise walked up unhurried, thinking about a shortcut. But because it is not familiar with this place, there is no way to think of it. When the tortoise when the elevator door suddenly, at a loss what to do, he is on the opposite side of the open, walked out of a small pier from the inside. The turtle looked at the elevator and rolled his eyes around. He thought, "now that the giant can reach the other floors quickly and safely, I can also take a cheap turn. To do that, I saw the tortoise crawling into the elevator at the fastest speed, and then the number of the top floor was next to the elevator. Just after a few seconds, the elevator automatically closed its mouth. In the blink of an eye, it arrived at the destination. When the tortoise had a glorious and calm end to the end, all the people cheered and cheered for it. When he was proud of it, the rabbit ran half way, and had long been tired and sweaty. When he learned to win the championship, it was both surprised and surprised to say, "well, it is strange that I did not worry about it at the time. I knew it was so, and then I moved my head."

Yes, students, doing things without moving their brains is not good at doing things. Only when we do things in their minds, can we do things well.

龟兔赛跑英语作文 篇8

Since the rabbit last race lost the race lost, the rabbit has been resentful. He secretly thought, "the last time I was too sleepy, I slept for a while, so the tortoise had a chance to win me. This time, save the strength and be better than the little turtle. If this time lost, I would forever be tortoise and be its servant." Man. After having finished his morale in the bottom of his heart, he went to the tortoise home with great courage. After he finished watching the mood in front of the tortoise, the turtle nodded his agreement.

At last, the two people came to the day of the game, and the game was filled with lights. Some people shouted, "little tortoise, tortoise, I love you, and wish you always first." Some shouted: "the rabbit Scud, we support you." With the slamming of a gun, the rabbit and the tortoise ran together, and the tortoise couldn't catch the rabbit. He was so nervous that the tortoise and the rabbit had a short distance, the farther away the distance was, the tortoise suddenly slipped and rolled down, and the tortoise could not stop, and finally the head and four The limbs were all in the shell, so they rolled faster, and finally surpassed the rabbit and rushed across the finish line. Animals

See the tortoise flush over the finish line. They all cheered. The tortoise walked proudly on the podium. He took the cup calmly and said, "the rabbit has assured me that if it loses, he will be willing to be my servant for the rest of my life, and I don't know if he can carry out his promise now." At the end of the talk, pride lifted his head. The rabbit is a shame. Said: "well, I promise you."

If you see a rabbit on the day and pour tea on the back of a turtle, it must be them. Now we all call the rabbit "Little Turtle".


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